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The proposed National Seaweed Nucleus is a Private driven project which main objective is to develop seaweed farms and enhancing seaweed value chain, creating BO (Aqua-tourism, downstream & Upstream seaweed industry.

The Department of Fisheries Sabah has identified four areas in the East Coast of Sabah which has high potential to be developed as commercial scale seaweed farming areas :
1) Lahad Datu,
2) Semporna,
3) Kunak
4) Tawau

The key outcome of the project area:
Produce Malaysian Seaweed Standard (Piawai Rumpai Laut Malaysia) from 207,850 mt (2010) to 94,050,000 mt by 2020 (wet weight)
Improve yield from 2.6 m.t/ha to 5.5/m.t/ha by 2020. (dried)
Increase local people income RM6,570,000 by 2020.
Increase GNI from RM23,330 (2012) to RM419,954,000 by 2020
Create Business Opportunity (downstream and upstream processing)
Aqua tourism
Job opportunity (Farm & factory workers, Management & supporting staff).
Poverty eradication.




The seaweed cultivation pioneer project

commenced : March 1999

ended : December 200


Location : Banggi Island, Kudat.


A joint project between Ministry of Rural Development, Malaysia, Sabah State Government and UMS (Borneo Marine Research Institute).

Main focus of the project was to identify and select suitable sites for the cultivation and propagation of Eucheuma sp.

Priority was given to improvement technique and method in seaweed cultivation through the following objectives:

Exposing participants to new and improved culturing technique and management.
Encourage participants to expend farmed areas in order to increase yield and profit.
Introducing seaweed culture activity to new participants in new areas
Establishing seaweed marketing system and seaweed industry in Sabah.
To develop new commercial products for local and export market.


PPRL Banggi Seaweed Development Project

SEAWEED, Eucheuma spinosum

The Balambangan Island / Banggi Seaweed Development Project (PPRL) was established in 1999 managed by Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). The development activities carried out by UMS include;

a) Introducing seaweed culture to the community of Balambangan and Banggi Islands

b) Identifying ideal seaweed culture area

c) Carrying out research and development on culture technique and disease

d) Commercialization and marketing of seaweed

UMS has introduced Eucheuma spinosum as a main commodity for commercialization. Although the species fetches a low market price, the relatively higher growth rate and higher resilient to environmental stressors, makes it a low risk investment. The price for E. spinosum in the market is between RM 0.25 - RM 0.30 per kg for fresh seaweed, and for salted seaweed is between RM 1.00-RM 1.20 per kg.

There are three products has been produced i.e. washed seaweed, edible seaweed and powder. These products have a higher demand from China, Japan and South Korea.

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