Family: Libellulidae
Genus: Lyriothemis

Species: Lyriothemis cleis

Found in Asia: China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam

Lyriothemis cleis

Photo above : A male Lyriothemis cleis perch in an forest opening on a hill. The nearest mountain stream is half a kilometers down the hill. The only water source that a female would come to breed is a water filled cocave pan on a sandstone 2 meters beside this male dragonfly. Water chemistry of stone holes has an effect to the development of this dragonfly larvae.

Lyriothemis cleis is medium-sized (Male hw, 30-35 mm). This species of dragonfly is common in pristine dipterocarp forest up to an altitude of 1000 m. It breeds in water-filled cavities in plants, including rot holes, buttress pans and bamboo stumps.

Males commonly perch in the vicinity of such sites. It frequently shares its habitat with the coenagrionid Pericnemis triangularis. The larvae are extremely resistant to desiccation, entering a torpid state as they dry out; they can be revived by immersion in water.

Eyes of a female Lyriothemis cleis

Eyes of a female Lyriothemis cleis

 Clear wings and abdomen segments with clear defined dark lines.

This male Lyriothemis cleis measure :
Total body length = 76mm
Front Wing length = 35mm

The abdomen is pink red color. Lyriothemis cleis male genitalia on segment 2 is ventrally protruding.

Lyriothemis cleis has dark brown compound eyes

The face is similart to those of Agrionoptera dragonfly :

Metallic blue frons.
Milky White clypeus.
Black vertex (a plate bearing 3 simple eyes (ocelli) behind the frons and between the front of the compound eyes)

Lyriothemis cleis male secondary genitalia on segment 2 is ventrally protruding about 1.5 mm and square in shape..


Lyriothemis cleis male anal appendage is similar to those of Orthetrum dragonflies.




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