Family: Libellulidae
Genus: Tramea
Species: Tramea transmarina

Found in Asia: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Tramea transmarina Male
Tramea transmarina Male 54mm
Tramea transmarina Male
Tramea transmarina
Male ♂54mm body length
2016-10-05 WED 15:28 SPORT COMPLEX POND



Tramea transmarina hw 43 mm. Large libellulid recognised by dark patch at base of hw.

Female abdomen is  brown; hind wing patch more diffuse.

Well vegetated lakes, ponds and drains; ranges from 0-2000 m but generally breeds in the lowlands. Larva very like that of Hydrobasileus croceus (lacking dorsal spines) with similar habits. Adults sail conspicuously over lakes, forest clearings and mountain tops. Widespread in tropical Asia and Australasia.

Tramea transmarina  is a large brownish-red libellulid ( hw, 42-45 mm) with an opaque brown patch at the expanded base of the hind wing. This marking is strongly curved along its outer margin and does not reach the anal angle.

It is common in a wide range of exposed standing water habitats including landward margins of mangrove, well vegetated ponds and natural lakes. It often travels far from its breeding sites up to 2000 m. Males perch high on emergent vegetation, but spend much of their time on the wing. The larvae are semi-pelagic, with long tibial hairs which may assist in swimming, and live near the water surface among lily pads. Two other species, T. phaeoneura and T. Virginia are known from Borneo. Both differ slightly from T. transmarina in the extent of the basal patch on the hind wing. The endemic T, phaeoneura often occurs together with T. transmarina and the two can easily be confused unless captured and compared. On average T. phaeoneura is a little smaller than T. transmarina and the basal hind wing patch easily reaches the anal angle, its outer margin being little curved. T. Virginia is very rare in Borneo but is widespread on the Asian mainland. It is a large species with a considerably broader basal patch than either of the other species. The outer margin of the patch is irregular.


Tramea transmarina euryale is a large red dragonfly of Sabah.

This male measures:
Hind wing = 43mm
Hind wing span = 92mm
Total body length = 54mm

This male Tramea transmarina euryale was found in a weedy pond. On the same sunny morning were almost 50 red dragonflies from at lest 5 red species of the LIBELLULIDAE family each protecting or fighting for a portion of the territories.

This species is recognized by an opaque brown patch at the expanded base of the hind wings.

The metallic blue/black frons which shine brightly under the sun when it pause briftly in mid air in front of me made me realized that it is not a common Orthetrum which are plenty in the pond. And true enough after a close look, this is a less commonly seen species Tramea transmarina euryale.

When Tramea transmarina euryale is in flight, a quick way to recognize is the dark abdomen tip (segment 8, 9 and 10) which is visible during flight.

The abdoment tip is distinctive :
1) very long black superior anal appendage
2) black on top of segment 8, 9 and 10.

Not visible in this poorly captured image is the unique wing marking an opaque brown patch at the expanded base of the hind wing. This marking is curved along its outer margin but does not reach the anal angle.



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