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S.M. Teknik Tawau

  S.M. Teknik Tawau
Peti Surat 61156, 91021 Tawau, Sabah.
Telefon :  089-715585, 713384
Fax : 089-715153

Success lies in our very own hands

“Success lies in our very own hands. If you do not succeed, don’t blame the government, don’t blame your parents and don’t blame your school. Blame yourself.

When I was young, life was tough. My dad was a driver and my mother washed clothes in other people’s houses. There was only one towel in the house that we all shared. My blanket was a sackcloth.

But after 13 years of hard work, I have finally changed my life for the better. Today I live in a bungalow, have my own building and own 125 acres of agricultural land.

Do not forget to pray because prayers are important in achieving success”

actor, director and producer
Rosyam Nor
Rosyam (left) handing over a prize to a top student of SM Teknik


Rosyam Nor motivates students of SM Teknik, Tawau

Some 300 students of SM Teknik here heard actor, director and producer, Rosyam Nor tell them that achieving success in life rests in their hands during a motivational talk in the school in February 2012.

Rosyam Norcame to the school on the invitation of the SM Teknik Alumni Association who wanted him to share his experience in the pursuit of success with the students.

Having come from a poor family who lived in a squatter village in Kuala Lumpur, taught him to work hard and never give up in order to succeed.

Rosyam repeatedly urged the students to study hard especially now that the government has provided all kinds of educational facilities. And advised the students to be respectful of their parents and teachers and to stay away from drugs which can destroy their future.

President of the school’s alumni association is Hajah Saleha Tahir.

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Excellence Award recipients from SMTT at Quality Day celebration held at the Technical Education Department, Education Ministry in Putrajaya 25 October 2005 :

* Teacher-in-Charge Mohd Hatta Hassan - Best Managed School Library

* Chief Warden Yahya Yusof - Best Managed School Hostel

* Shaiful Bokhari Sidek - Best Mechanical Engineering Teacher

* Fadzilah Husin - Best Civil Engineering Teacher

* Sairin Mohamad - Best Laboratory Assistant

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2004 Tawau



% passes

1 SM Teknik Tawau 100%
2 SMK Jalan Apas 98.8 %
3 SMK Merotai Besar 98.4 %
4 SMK St Patrick 98.2 %
5 SMK Jambatan Putih 98.1 %
6 SM Holy Trinity 96.8 %
7 SMK Balung 96.6
8 SMK Abaka 96.5
9 SMK Kabota 96.2
10 SMK Kinabutan 95.5
11 SMK Pasir Putih 95.7
12 SMK Wallace Bay 94.7
13 SMK Kuhara 93.6
14 SMK Tawau 93.2
15 SM St Ursula 91.5
16 SMK Umas-Umas 84.6

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