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Seafest Hotel   仙本那海豐大酒店

Semporna is divided into the old town area near the bus station and the new township by the seafront.
Accommodation in the old town is cheaper and basic.
Accommodation by the sea are more choices with comfort and views.

Accommodations Semporna Seafront New Township:

Hotel Seafest, Jalan Kastam, Semporna
Dragon Inn (Floating Chalet), Jalan Kastam
Arung Hayat Resort, Jalan Pinggir Bakau
Sipadan Inn, Bandar Baru Pekan Semporna
Lee Resthouse, Pekan Semporna
Scuba Junkie Backpackers, Bandar Baru
Borneo Global Sipadan Backpackers Jalan Kastam

Accommodation at Semporna Old Township:

Marina Hotel Semporna
City Inn I Semporna
City Inn II Semporna
Mabul Inn
Alice Semporna Backpackers Hostel
Awys Backpackers
1st Home (Guest House)
Rumah 101
Luna Capsule
Island Backpackers

Borneo Global Sipadan Backpackers Semporna
Atine Semporna Backpackers Hostel
Atine Semporna Backpackers Hostel II
Ang Lee Holiday Stay
My Home Backpackers

Accommodation at the outskirt of Semporna Town:

Scuba Tiger Semporna Holiday Resort.
Sipadan Mangroves Resort on the way to Tawau.
Arung Hayat Hotel.
Sarinas Homestay at Taman Hatib
Hosanna Semporna Homestay at Taman Mutiara
Mydin lodge semporna near Hospital
Together palm resort 那本仙境棕榈度假庄园at Jalan Pantai
RTMS Guesthouse Semporna at Jalan Pantai
Homestay Koperasi Surau Alfalah at Jalan Pantai


Accommodations on islands off Semporna:

Uncle Chang Homestay, Mabul
Sipadan Water Village - Mabul & Kappalai
Mabul Water Bungalow (SMART) - Mabul
Borneo Divers - Mabul
Seaventures - Mabul
The Reef Dive Resort - Mataking
Pom-Pom Island Resort - Pom-Pom
Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort - Kapalai
Singamata Adventure Water Chalet - on the sea off Semporna

Han Palace Hotel SempornaDRAGON  INN  FLOATING  RESORT

Mabul Inn, Semporna Town
Mabul Inn

Semporna 400m walk

Mabul Inn is not on Mabul Island but in Semporna Town. Several hotel names in Tawau Town and Semporna Town is misleading to tourists to believe that they are staying in hotels on the islands.

Kuree Inn 墨墨魚客棧, Semporna Town
Kuree Inn 墨墨魚客棧

Semporna 400m walk

New and popular budget accommodation in the old township of Semporna.

My Home Backpackers, Semporna Town
My Home Backpackers
Damai Hotel

Semporna 250m walk

Moonlight Inn 月光客棧, Semporna Town
Moonlight Inn 月光客棧
Semporna 200m walk

Wanderer's Inn漫游者旅舍, Semporna Town
Wanderer's Inn漫游者旅舍
(formerly Blue Diamond Inn)
Semporna 250m walk

Pearl Hotel 珍珠酒店

Sipadan Inn II, Semporna Town
Sipadan Inn II

Semporna Town 300m walk

Sipadan Inn, Semporna Town
Sipadan Inn

Semporna 300m walk

Mermaid Inn美人魚客棧,  Semporna Town
Mermaid Inn美人魚客棧,
Semporna 500m walk

On Mabul Island:
Seahorse Sipadan Scuba Lodge on Mabul Island
Spheredivers Scuba & Leisure on Mabul Island
Arung Hayat Mabul Island Lodge
Arung Hayat Mabul Island VIP room
Arung Hayat Mabul Island Standard room
Seahorse Sipadan Lodge at Mabul Island
Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul Lodge
Borneo Divers Mabul Island Resort
Seaventures Dive Rig Resort at Mabul Island
Dream Home Mabul Homestay

On Bum Bum Island:
ND Divers at Bum Bum Island
Lato-Lato Mun Resort at Pulau Bum Bum

On Pom Pom Island:
Celebes Beach Resort at Pom Pom Island
Pom Pom Island Resort on Pom Pom Island

On Mataking Island:
The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking Island

On Kulapuan Island:
Semporna Kulapuan Island Resort at Kulapuan Island


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