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Borneo Royale Hotel

(previously Promenade Hotel Tawau)

2019-08-12 MON 18:06

Monaco Hotel 美納酒店
Monaco Hotel 美納酒店
Tawau 1Km

Monaco 美納酒店
Heritage Hotel
Prince Hotel 太子酒店
Check Inn Hotel
May Blossom Hotel

2019-08-11 SUN 10:42

Indah Inn, Bandar Sri Indah英達酒店
Indah Inn, Bandar Sri Indah英達酒店
17 Km West to Tawau Town
16 Km East to Tawau Airport

2019-08-03 SAT 12:23

Grace Inn
Grace Inn, Tawau
Sutera Inn 宋城酒店

2018-09-01 SAT 07:21

Type 4 Accommodation in Tawau - Business Hotels

Business Hotels Rate
Hotel Emas Rm 100-1,000
Borneo Royale Hotel (Formerly known as Promenade Hotel Tawau) Rm 150-1,000
Shervinton Hotel Rm 100-1,000

Type 1 Accommodation in Tawau - Apartment

Apartment Rate
Kuhara Court Apartment Suite Rm 70 - 140

Type 5 & 6 Accommodation - Budget Hotels and Bed & Breakfast

Budget Hotels/Bed & Breakfast


Danlop Hotel 登樂酒店
Rm 50-60
THE DREAM HOTEL (Holiday Hotel)

Rm 70-140

May Blossom Hotel (MB)

Rm 80-120

Check Inn Hotel  
Prince Hotel 太子酒店 Rm 80-150
Heritage Hotel Rm 100-350
Monaco Hotel 美納酒店 Rm 80-120
Indah Inn, Bandar Sri Indah 英達酒店 Tawau 17Km Rm 80-100
Sutera Inn Rm 50-80
Grace Inn Rm 50-80
Hotel Bestfriend
formerly the Telaga Indah Hotel
formerly the Grace Hotel
Rm 55-120
ROOMS Hotel  
Sutera Heritage Inn Rm 55-80
Quail Hotel, Sri Indah Town (Closed in 2018)  
North Borneo Hotel 北婆羅洲酒店 (Closed in 2018)
Rm 50-80
Aradah Hotel  
Astana Hotel Rm 90-160
City Garden Hotel Rm 50-100
Laksamana Hotel Rm 50-140
King Park Hotel Rm 80-120
LA Hotel Rm 100-400
De Choice Hotel Rm 90-400
My Inn Hotel Rm 80 - 130
King Lee Hotel Rm 80-120

Grace @ Chester Hotel

Rm 60-90
Soon Yee Hotel

Rm 30-35

Kingston Executive Hotel Rm 80-100
Kingston Hotel  
North City Hotel
Rm 60-135
T-Hotel Rm 70-100
Loong Hotel
Rm 35-50
Oriental Hotel
Rm 61
Chester Hotel
Rm 60
Ocean Villa

Rm 40-50

Hotel Tawau
Rm 45-80

Type 3 Accommodation in Tawau - Island Resort

Island Resort Rate per Person
Roach Reefs Island
1 hour boat ride from Tawau

The many other island resorts are listed
under Semporna Hotels

Rm 300 - 600

Type 8 Accommodation in Tawau - Lodges

Plantation Lodges Rate per room
Brumas Countryside Lodge
Tourists stay here to see Borneo pygmy elephants

5 Star rating in Google reviews

Rm 50-100

Type 2 Accommodation in Tawau - Beach/Riverside Resort

Riverside Resort Rate
Kalumpang River, Balung
45minuts drive from Tawau

Brumas Countryside Lodge
Brumas Countryside Lodge
Tourists stay here to see Borneo pygmy elephants

5 Star rating in Google reviews

Rooms Hotel
TB17376, Ground Floor, Lot 4, Block F, Kubota Square, 91000, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
Tawau 91000

Hotels in Tawau Town -
Guide to Hotels in Tawau and Semporna in Sabah, Malaysia

30 hotels in Tawau, old and new, business or B&B, you are sure to find one with good rates among them with this guide. No matter what type of hotel type you fancy, search here a preferred one to accommodate your needs. Making reservations to stay within your budget. We also provide maps so you can locate hotels in Tawau.

KINGSTON EXECUTIVE HOTELQuail Hotel, Sri Indah TownCity Garden Hotel, Tawau TownTelaga Indah HotelAradah HotelAstana Hotel Tawau

TAWAU, Sabah's southernmost town is a major departure point for Kalimantan. The private sector is taking advantage of the Sabah's booming tourism industry by investing in the construction of new hotels and resorts.  For the last few years a few new hotel buildings were completed in Tawau town center.   Almost all hotels are center around Jalan Haji Karim.

The agricultural sectors of Tawau Region are mainly managed by Peninsular Malaysian. Each day hundred of agricultural related business personal travel to and from Tawau.  Tawau Customs handle about 1,500 heads both in and out between Tawau and Indonesia each day.  Out of these about 300 are business related between Malaysia and Indonesia.  Indonesian businessman from Eastern Indonesia travel to Malaysia via Tawau.

Fajar Commercial Area is becoming the Golden Triangle of Tawau. Most of the budget hotels are found in this Fajat area. Backpackers usually head directly to Fajar area for the budget hotels here where rate are Rm50 to Rm100.  For backpackers, try to look for hotels in the Fajar Area because foods and nightlife are within walking distance.

There are also some shop lot 'hotels' in Tawau at a rate lower then Rm50.00 but these rooms are for those foreign laborers who are on transit in Tawau to and from Indonesia and Philippines.

This hotel area is convenient to most visitor to get by. There are nearby supermarkets Milimewah and Parkwell (5 minutes walk), a few 24/7 convenient stores. If you need medication the pharmacies Wah Choi Pharmacy is near by. For your tea break there are bakeries such as Multibake and Southern Cake House in the middle block. For night life entertainment there are several karaoke and pubs around for such a small and quiet town.  When the time to book your ticket home the Malaysian Airlines offices and  Airasia office and many travel agents are located in Fajat area.

For those who come for official duty, the government & corporate offices, branches of almost all major banks are with in walking distance.

Places to go
For tourist Tawau has not much things worth to see but for energetic nature explorers Tawau is an unforgettable place to in nature exploration.

Attractions in Tawau consists of the Central Market, the Fish Market, the Bell Tower, the Al-Kauthar Mosque. Most visitors finished this list off within half a day.

But out of town, there are places keep you busy for days. Tawau Hills National Park with recreational park for picnics, hiking at Bukit Gemok with its canopy walk, the Tawau Cocoa Museum, the Madai Caves and the Tawau hot springs. Further away from Tawau is the Maliau Basin and Danum Valley with their pristine jungles. Prince William and Kate visted Danum Valley in 2012.

The interesting places in Tawau are all about getting closer to mother nature. Here is a list of places of interest in Tawau.

Places to eat
Japanese Restaurant Eido Ichi, Sabah Chicken Rice, Jade Ocean Restaurant and Pizza Hut all open till late night. Here is a list of places to eat in Tawau.

Long-distance buses terminate at Sabindu bus station on the eastern end of Jalan Dunlop (which runs parallel to the shore), opposite the state library.  Here you also find land cruisers to Keningau. There's a bus to Sandakan (6hr) and KK (12hr) at around 8am and another at 8pm.

The Short-distance minibus station : Previously this station was in Jalan Stephen Tan.

The Local minibus station : Serving minis bus services to nearby plantations such as Apas and Merotai

Taxi Station : The main taxi station is beside the Local Mini Bus Station.

Airport (tel 089/776175) is just 30km east of town – take one of the hotel courtesy buses waiting there, hail a taxi (RM50).

Almost all Malaysian banks have a branch in the commercial area Fajar Centre east of Jalan Masjid. Here you find both the Telekom building in Block 35, and the MAS office in Wisma Sasco; Post office is across the southern side of Jalan Dunlop.

Central Tawau is an orderly blend of wooden shop houses and concrete buildings. There are 2 super markets in the town center where you  get what ever stuffs you need there. Survey Parkwell Supermarket is just next block to Soon Yee Hotel.  You can easily find the brightly painted Orange color building.

Sabah Tourism Board's classification of accommodation type :
2-Beach Resort
3-Island Resort
4-Business Hotel
5-Budget Hotel
6-Bed & Breakfast

9-Nature Resort


From Tawau if you are heading Kinabalu Park, here is a list of Hotel Accommodation in and around Kundasang Town near to the park: ACCOMMODATION IN KUNDASANG AND RANAU

"The best places to stay in Tawau Division" -

"The best places to stay in Tawau Division" -
Hotel Ranking by TripAdvisor

Ranked #1 of 5 hotels in Tawau :
 Heritage Hotel, Tawau
Where divers and adventurers meet

Ranked #2 of 5 hotels in Tawau :
 My Inn Hotel, Tawau
One of the newest hotel in Tawau opened on 16th June 2012

Ranked #3 of 5 hotels in Tawau :
 Promenade Hotel Tawau
Tallest Hotel in Sabah

Ranked #4 of 5 hotels in Tawau :
 King Park Hotel Tawau
Where you get a good view of the town

Ranked #5 of 5 hotels in Tawau :
 Shervinton Executive Boutique Hotel
AN EXECUTIVE BOUTIQUE HOTEL in the middle of Tawau Town

Ranked #1 of 5 Tawau B&B and Inns :
VS Guest House

Ranked #2 of 5 Tawau B&B and Inns :
LA Hotel

Ranked #3 of 5 Tawau B&B and Inns :
MB Hotel

Ranked #4 of 5 Tawau B&B and Inns :
Kingston Executive Hotel

Ranked #5 of 5 Tawau B&B and Inns :
Prince Hotel

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