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Bukit Gemok Canopy Walk - 231 metres long
Taman Bukit Gemuk
Tawau, Sabah

This 2nd longest canopy walkway in Sabah is only 20 mins drive from Tawau Town on Merotai Road,
1 km walk (45 mins) up hill jungle trekking


Photo Gallery : View of Tawau Town from Bukit Gemok

Do not miss the chance to experience the beauty of Mother Nature in Tawau. There are a lot of places in Tawau to spend time close to the Mother Nature. One of such places is Bukit Gemok, 10 Km from the town center.

Bukit Gemok (Gemok Hill) is a precious untouched forests in Malaysia. Upon visiting the place, get your first-hand experience with a natural forest which had been preserved and protected ever since its existence. Here is also an ideal place for adventure seekers to indulge in jungle hiking and jungle trekking activities in the forest. There are various terrains in the hill available for you to explore with excitement and thrill to hiking experiences in Malaysia.

While challenge yourself with the various tracks and terrains in Bukit Gemok, do also witness the beautiful and peaceful green surrounding while hiking.

Not  to worry of getting lost  hiking  in the hill because there are seven resting huts provided for you to catch a breath or even to enquire for directions.

After the long hour of hiking, you will then finally find yourself being exposed to an amazing canopy walkway. One of the most interesting features about this canopy walkway is the fact that it is the longest canopy walkway in Sabah. Thus, it is definitely photography worthy for you to snap a picture of yourself or of you and your family and friends conquering one of the hills in Sabah.

Catch the whole stunning view of the city of Tawau on the hilltop of the Bukit Gemok. Here, you can see a panorama view of the town of Tawau, as well as the green nature surrounding it.

The Longest Canopy Walkway is Borneo Rainforest Lodge Canopy Walkway in Danum Valley

300 meters long

An extension to the Tree Top Canopy Walkway made it one of the most spectacular walkway in Sabah, with multiple viewing platforms, spanning approximately 300m in length and stands at 26m at the highest point.

The Walkway is designed and engineered to be ‘tree friendly’ without rigging any of the steel cables direct onto the trees. The spacious and sturdy platforms provide a safe and unobstructed up-close view of the 130 million year old virgin jungle’s canopy.

The suspension cables are hung between emergent dipterocarp and mengaris trees at 15-25m up the trunks – barely half the height of these enormous trees but sensationally within the rainforest canopy.
At each suspension point there is an octagonal shaped observation platform which allows the user time to rest before the next airy bridge. The BRL walkway has five support trees.

The canopy walkway is the only one in Tawau District.  The trees are protected with wooden spacers fitted between the bark and the steel cables. No nails have been driven into the trees. Measure has been taken to protect the health of the trees.

231 meters walks between trees

The Canopy Walk is 231 meters long, is the 2nd longest canopy walkways in Sabah.

Bukit Gemok admits visitors into tropical rainforests. The Canopy walkway is 100 to 200 ft. above the forest floor, is an opportunity to appreciate nature up on the trees.

Other Canopy Walks in Sabah :

1) Poring canopy walkway - 158 meters long and 41 meters high.

2) Sansakan RDC steel canopy walkway - 147 meter long 28 meters above the rainforest floor.

3) Borneo Rainforest Lodge Canopy Walkway - 300 meters long and 26 meters high. The longest in Sabah

Canopy walk on a suspension bridge to view Tawau scenery.


Bukit Gemok is  428 metres above sea level and is part of the Bukit Gemok Forest Reserve, covering 445 hectares.

Get a glimpse of the breathtaking view of Tawau from this high up. The stunning scenery spans the town centre, the picturesque coastline and its surrounding areas.

The trek down Bukit Gemok should take a shorter time, the trail becomes muddy and slippery during the rainy season.

The Canopy Walk is 231 metres long, is one of the longest canopy walkways in Sabah.


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