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Lahad Datu Harbour Town

The futuristic architectural design of Harbor Town set to appeal more tourists to visit Lahad Datu.


Lahad Datu Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC Lahad Datu) is the first dedicated industrial cluster in Malaysia that entrench Malaysia's global status in the palm oil industry. Established in 2005, POIC Lahad Datu's 5,000-acre cluster received overwhelming responses from investors in biodiesel. Investors are planning biodiesel plants with combined capacity of over 1 million tonnes per year. Some of these plants begun production since 2007.

Fajar Hotel, Lahad Datu
Fajar Hotel, Lahad Datu

Lorong Fajar 6, Bandar Lahad Datu, 91100 Lahad Datu, Sabah
Phone: 011-2689 6657

The nearest hotel to Lahad Datu airport. 10 minutes walk.



Attraction around Lahad Datu :
1- Danum Valley Conservation Area
2- Madai - Baturong Forest Reserve Nature Centre
3- Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Lahad Datu Intrusion Trial :

Friday, 01 November 2013 Lahad Datu Intrusion Trial Fixed 2014

Friday February 14, 2014 Commandos were not looking for a firefight

Friday March 28, 2014 Lahad Datu intrusion trial: ‘Snipers served as backup to commandos’

Friday April 18, 2014 Court told of how intruders tested strength of security forces

Monday May 5, 2014 Security forces adopted restrained approach, court told

Monday 18 August 2014 Trial of 30 people linked to Lahad Datu intrusion resumes

Tuesday August 19, 2014 Court hears of gruesome killing of six cops

Monday SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 No clue on suspect’s physical appearance during raid in Simunul, court told

May 6, 2014 Five armed men kidnapped a Chinese manager of Wonderful Terrace Sdn Fish Farm at Pulau Baik off Lahad Datu. The happened before dawn 2.45am, May 6, 2014.

This latest incident involved 34-year-old, Yang Zai Lin, from Guangzhou, China. Two masked men wearing military fatigues and armed with two weapons believed to be M16 rifles and three men wearing civilian clothing abducted Yang from the Wonderful Terrace Sdn Bhd fish farm near Silam.

The kidnappers aged between 30 and 50 headed to the workers quarters and kicked one room occupied by a woman to ask the whereabouts of the farm manager.

Yang was captured and dragged into the kidnappers' boat, which we believe is a small boat and was later changed to a bigger boat with 200 horsepower outboard engine before heading to Philippine waters.
The security forces were alerted at 2.53am prior to mobilizing an operation to look for the boat that was detected at the waters off Mataking Island near the Malaysia-Philippine border.

Malaysia marine police boats spotted the kidnappers' boat and immediately pursued the boat that had the Chinese hostage.
The first shootout occurred at 6.20am when the kidnappers shot at Malaysian police who shot back. The shooting lasted for a few minutes.

The shooting during the one-hour long pursuit to intercept the boat did not hit anyone inside the boat.
The boat passed through the Alice Reef area, whereby half of the area is on Malaysian waters and half in the Philippines, before going into Saluag island area off Southern Island Sibutu in Southern Philippine.

The security forces' boat was ordered to withdraw from entering further into the international waters to pursue the kidnappers' boat when the boat reached up to the open sea off Sibutu Island.


May 19, 2014 US warns against travel to Sulu Island, Philippines
The United States on May 19, 2014 Monday (US time) renewed its warning to its nationals against travel to the Sulu area, citing recent violence in southern Philippines and the recent kidnappings of foreigners in Malaysia-controlled Sabah.

Chinese national feared kidnapped from fish farm by gunmen in Lahad Datu :


Borneo Child Aid Society

Lahad Datu is also the base of Borneo Child Aid Society (Locally Humana Child Aid Society Sabah)  which provides education for more than 5000 children of plantation workers and others without access to basic education.

Lahad Datu has a strong influence of Indonesia.

Lahad Datu is home to the Segama Dusuns, Idahans and the Bagahak Dusuns.

Prior to the building of the Segama bridge, visitors from Sandakan and the West Coast would cross the ferry into Lahad Datu. The ferry terminal in Lahad Datu was located in Bukit Balacon, the heart of Dusun Segama territory.

People visiting Lahad Datu then would first encounter the Dusun Segamae people. There was a hive of activity back then on both sides of the river, with business mostly conducted by the Segama Dusuns.

On the other side of the district, visitors coming in from Tawau and the south would first encounter Silam and Sapagaya, two areas which are dominated by the Idahans. Most roadside stalls then were operated and manned by the Idahans.

Things began to change in the early 1980s when thousands of Indonesians suddenly became citizens.

Up to the early 1990s, for instance, the market in Batu Satu (Mile 1 Segama) were dominated by Dusun traders.

Similarly the minibus operations between Segama and Sapagaya and the town centre were operated by Dusuns and Idahans, respectively.

However, a
But aggressive competition from foreign business people proved no match for the locals and many of them began to move elsewhere or close shop.

The food of the Bagahak Dusuns, Segama Dusuns and Idahans.

The Dusuns of Segama, for example, are known for various delicacies such as tinambak (quite similar to hinava in Penampang) and sindara (a delicacy made of wild boar fat and skin).

Another popular dish of the Segama Dusuns is marang which is a chilli sambal made using dalit (red durian).

A popular place to sample food of the Segama Dusuns would be Ah Chan's food stall in Bukit Balacon. Ah Chan's food stall is visited by many of those from the West Coast.

Lahad Datu is also known for its distinctive varieties of hill rice.

In Kampung Sri Darun in Tungku, for example, the Bagahak Dusuns plant a type of hill rice which is white in color. However the smell is extremely fragrant. Unfortunately their numbers are rapidly dwindling as many are opting for oil palm which is more lucrative.

In the Segama area alone, right up to as recently as 2001 we could still see large tracts of land planted with hill paddy. Today, these paddy lands have been replaced by oil palm. One would have to travel to villages such as Sinduron or Tawayari in upper Segama to see any rice planting now.

Some of these hill rice do occasionally find their way to the Lahad Datu market at times.

The Idahans also have some very tasty delicacies to their credit.

Tembak which is preserved and salted oyster and alau which is mashed dalit mixed with salt and eaten with rice are some of Idahan specialties.

Sukau Village

Kampung Sukau Kinabatangan
by the lower Kinabatangan River
the longest river in Sanah

Sukau is south of Sandakan over a long dusty sand road, with lots and lots of bumps in it for about 30 kilometres

Sukau is located on the lower Kinabatangan River, the longest river of Borneo.
Greenview is closer to town (1.5km), though the prices are a bit higher. Sukau B&B is about 2.5 km further from town and is a bit less $ and all shared bath Rm30.00 per person.

Sukau Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse is the last guesthouse along the road Sukau road; the road ends here, beyond it the forest begins. Built high on stilts over the river, 1km east of the Sukau village, this friendly guesthouse is one of the last places to flood when the river rises. It's also one of the last places to sell accommodation only. It can arrange boats and transfers on request.

The Tomanggong Sukau B&B is run by a local family in the village of Sukau. Set by the riverside and amidst the tropical rainforest, the family's traditional stilt house and three fully equipped chalets offer the opportunity to experience the wilderness of the Kinabatangan in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Road condition to Sukau. The road into Sukau has been upgraded from gravel to tar in 2008
Where is the lower Kinabatangan and Sukau? How to get there?
Lower Kinabatangan is in the east coast of Sabah . It is the lower reaches of the Kinabatangan river, which is Sabah longest river that flows 560km.

Sukau is one of the villages along the river accessible by road. Sukau is the gateway to the amazing nature of Kinabatangan.

From Sandakan, take a drive for 2 hour to reach the village of Sukau . The last 1 hour driving is on a stretch of gravel road which is currently being tarred.

Darvel Bay Plaza
Lahad Datu 's largest shopping complex
05 October, 2007

Purchasing power of the middle class in Lahad Datu is strong. Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC) aims to turn Lahad Datu into a vibrant town with modern shopping facilities through Darvel Bay Plaza on a five-acre site as part and parcel of the Darvel Bay Commercial Centre development, with financial assistance from Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC).

Ready for business in mid 2010, this largest shopping complex in Lahad Datu will introduce a brand new shopping experience, offering an interesting mix of retail, supermarket, food court, homewares, IT, high fashion and modern cafes - all under one roof.

The development of Darvel Bay Plaza is timely and in line with Sabah government effort to have sustainable economic growth in Sabah. Darvel Bay Plaza will complement the commercial, industrial and other economic-based activities in Lahad Datu and its surrounding neighbours. The development of Darvel Bay Plaza is considered timely and in line with the strong macro-economic outlook for Lahad Datu.
The Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) Lahad Datu project that is currently undergoing rapid development will be generating more opportunities like employment and so on, which will increase the purchasing power of locals.

Lahad Datu is one of Sabah's main ports and entry points for traders and tourists going in and out daily between here and the Philippines.
Darvel Bay Plaza has a gross development value of about RM170million with a total floor area of 600,000 square feet and a retail area of 250,000 square feet. Some 12,487 square feet of the area has been allocated for the central atrium.
The shopping complex has two storeys of retail spaces and ample parking areas with 645 bays of car park. About 30 per cent of the shop lots have already been taken.

Besides Darvel Bay Plaza, SUDC also has other projects throughout the State and some of these completed projects include the Tawau Light Industrial Estate, Kuhara Court Condominium, Marina Court Condominium, Lok Kawi Heights, Sandakan Industrial Estate, Lahad Datu Industrial Estate, Keningau Industrial Area, Asia City Complexes and many more since its inception in 1973.
Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex and Kuhara Hotel project in Tawau are completed in 2008.

Sahabat Beach Resort

Sahabat Beach Resort is a sprawling 200 meter-long beach front of white sandy beaches and cool-refreshing sea breeze. The resort is a perfect escape, a place to unwind and have fun with a wide range of activities planned throughout your stay. A place for blending business and leisure, Sahabat Beach Resort proves to be an ideal choice for business meeting.


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