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Sahabat Beach Resort
Lahad Datu, Sabah
Tel: 089-811300 / 089-811301
Fax: 089-811302

90 minutes drive from Lahad Datu along the Tunku - Lahad Datu highway is the oil palm plantation town Bandar Sahabat. This self contained town is located deep inside the FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority) plantation but fronting the Lahad Datu Bay. It has a beach resort called Sahabat Beach Resort.

About 40 minutes drives from this resort, is Tanjung Labian which is the easternmost part of Sabah.
Nestled along the eastern coast of Sabah, the Sahabat Beach Resort is a sprawling 200 meter-long beach front ideal for those with the common love for leisure in the comfort of white sandy beaches and cool-refreshing sea breeze.

The resort is a perfect escape, a place to unwind and have fun with a wide range of activities planned throughout your stay. For those who insist upon blending business and leisure, Sahabat Beach Resort proves to be an ideal choice for business meeting.
In Sahabat Beach Resort you can watch the waves break into millions of tiny bubbles on the golden sandy beach. Or stroll along the shore and feel your feet in the sand and take in the aromatic breeze from the turquoise blue sea.

FAMILY DAY Package with fulfilled activities and attractive facilities Rm99 per person
FULL DAY Meeting Package Rm45 per person
RESIDENTIAL Meeting Package with Accommodation Rm75 per person



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