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, about $21 at 3.25 ringgit to the dollar. The owners can help arrange guides (typically 80 to 100 ringgit a day) and lodging elsewhere.

  Prices for homestay lodgings generally range from 50 to 90 ringgit a day.  
  Balas Homestay

Location : Located in Pa’Umur by the river, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.


6km from Bario Airport

Gem's Lodge owned by Jaman Riboh is located at Pa'Umur providing full board...half board and room only.

在 Pa Umur,我們寄宿家庭是 Gem's Lodge。他們的房子就蓋在 Sungai Daphur (Sungai 是馬來文,意即河流)旁。我們在這邊最驚嘆的是女主人的廚藝非常的棒。我們吃了午餐後,就開始在期待晚餐到來,期待有更美味的佳餚在等著我們。我們翻了一下他們的訪客留言本,果然裡面的留言都透露出大家都對女主人的廚藝非常好到難以忘懷的地步。

In Pa’Umor by the river Sungai Daphur. It offers room for 2 and 3 guests, 3 meals a day, balcony overseeing the river, extensive sitting area.

Gem’s Lodge is located nearby traditional long house, Batu Narit carved Rock and Pa’Umor Salt Spring. It is 6km from Bario Airport.

Room Type
3 - Twin (2 single beds)
5 - Double (1 queen size bed)

RM81per person

Room Rate (1 night)
RM81per person

  Bariew Backpackers Lodge & Homestay is ever popular among visitors to Bario is strategically located at Bario town.

Bariew Backpacker Lodge & Tour / Bario Highlands Homestay
Address : Homestay Bario Highlands, Bario 98050 Baram, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
(Bario town, a short walk from the shops past the old airstrip)
Contact : Encik Reddish Aran Tel : (+60)85-791038 HP : (+60)14-8923431
Email : /

a noisy bar opposite kept us awake until 3am

  Bario Asal Longhouse located about ½ hour walk from the Bario town.

Bario Asal Longhouse
Location : A short walk from Bario town.
Tel : (+60)85-791065
Email :

This all-wood, 22-door longhouse has the traditional Kelabit layout.

Run as a cooperative by the entire longhouse. Some local families let out rooms, while others do the cooking. A great way to experience longhouse living. Transport from the airport costs RM10 per person each way.


  Taware...owned by John Tarawe is located near the old Bario airstrip.

Tarawe’s Lodge

Location : Center of Bario, 100m north of the old airfield, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact : Lian Tarawe HP : (+60)13-8451213
Email :

  Batu Ritung is located at Pa'Lungan is owned by Rose Tangong offered comfortable and clean room. Excellent source of local information.

Batu Ritung Homestay

Location : No. 20, Kampung Pa'Lungan 98050 Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
(Which is across the football field when you enter the village from Bario.)
HP : (+60)19-8052119
Email : URL :


  Jungle Blues Dream Longhouse, an Art Gallary cum Homestay owned by Stephen Baja is a ary gallary cum homestay offered single....double occupancy...a 45 minute walk from Bario Airport.

Jungle Blues Dream Homestay & Art Gallery

Location : Ulung Palang Longhouse, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact : Stephen Baya & Tine Hjetting HP : (+60)19-8849892
Email : URL :


Jungle Blues Dream ( charges 70 ringgit per person per day

  Laban Longhouse has 15 rooms which can accommodate up to 36 person at any one time is located at Bario.

Labang Longhouse Homestay

Location : Padang Pasir, 98050 Bario, Baram, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact : David & Lucy B.Labang HP : (+60)19-8155453/ (+60)13-8301718
Email :

  Ngimat Ayu Homestay is 50 minute walk from Bario Ulung Palang has 4 rooms.

Ngimat Ayu’s Home Stay

Location : Kampung Buad Main Beruh @ Ulung Palang 98050 Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
(Located on a hill within the central of Bario, overlooking paddy field and mountain range.)
HP : (+60)13-8406187
Email : Facebook : Page

我在 Bario 寄住的是 Ngimat Ayu 的家,他們的家是木作長屋,全部木工都是由他的印尼遠親(Ngimat Ayu 的太太是 Kelabit 高原Apad Wat 山脈另一邊的印尼人。)打造。廚房有個傳統燒柴的爐灶,廚房的另一邊則是一般的瓦斯爐,備有咖啡、飲料無限供應。客房的傢俱也都是手工木造傢俱。所有的東西都是那麼的簡單樸實,只是我住下來,則覺得他們的生活是那麼的富足,也許我指的是精神上的富足。


  Leminan Lodge

Location : Center of Bario, 45 minutes walk from Bario Airport, Sarawak, Malaysia.
HP : (+60)19-4822034
  JK View Lodge

Location : 500m west of Bario near the shophouses.
Email :
  Bario Asal Lembaa’ Homestay

(Managed by women in the Bario Asal Longhouse, Ulong Palang Longhouse and Arul Dalan Longhouse)
Tel : (+60)14-8931139 / (+60)14-5907500
Email :

Bario Lembaa’ Longhouse Homestay
Below are the services provided and the current charges accordingly.
1. Board and lodging - RM60 per day RM60 per day RM60 per day


  Bario Homestay

Contact : En. Bujang Long
HP : (+60)19-4844169
  Mado Homestay

Location : Kampung Pa'Lungan 98050 Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
HP : (+60)19-8549700
  Sinah Rang Lemulun Homestay & Handicraft

Location : Bario Asal Longhouse, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
HP : (+60)19-8259505
Email :
URL : / Facebook : Page


  De plateau Lodge is also located at Bario town is among the most preferred accommodation among visitors to Bario.

De Plateau Lodge

Location : 2km from Bario town, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
HP : (+60)13-8099583 / (+60)19-8559458
Email :

  Nancy & Harris Homestay have variety accommodation choice...double bed room... triple bed room and also dorm style.

Nancy & Harriss Homestay

Location : Next to the old Airstrip, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)85-616770 HP : (+60)13-8505850
Email :


  Mustapha lodge aka Sri Kenangan has 10 rooms which can accommodate 20 peoples at one time.

Mustapha Lodge

Location : Lapangan Terbang Lama Bario, 98050 Bario, Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)85-791056 HP : (+60)13-5664866
Email :


  Bala Homestayis located at Pa'umur settlement..a family owned homestay.
  Zara Lodge

Location : Lapang Terbang Lama Bario (5 Min From Bario Airport).
Contact : Mr.Johnny Kapong HP : (+60)14-5925050
Email :
  Gem’s Lodge

Location : Located in Pa’Umur by the river, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia.
HP : (+60)13-8280507
Email :




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