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Bekenu Town


Bekenu is  1hr drive from Miri

Road condition :

Overall, the road condition is much better than what I have initially thought although there are some areas which can be quite bumpy. Do watch out for dangerous bend, heavy trucks loaded with cargo such as oil palms and tree logs and always follow the speed limit. I would advise not to travel at night as there are no street lights on most part of the journey.

This town in Sibuti sub-district, some 40km from Miri city, is becoming a business and tourism hub as the government recognises that even a small place far from the metropolitan city is capable of drawing visitors from miles around.




Bekenu (also known as Bekenu Bazaar or Bakenu) is a small fishing town near Miri, in Sarawak, Malaysia.[1] It lies approximately 477.6 kilometres (297 mi) northeast of the state capital Kuching.

The town has a few rows of shophouses,
a fish market,
several places to eat,
a pleasant esplanade.
The town square faces the Bekenu river,
and many of the shophouses date from the 1930s.
 famous steamed Tutu fish.


TTL Motel - Bekenu
Lodge | Lot 288, Block 20 Niah Land District, Batu Niah Junction, 60th Mile Miri - Bintulu Road, Bekenu 98007, Malaysia


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