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Batu Niah Junction, Batu Niah Bazaar

Batu Niah Tua Pek Kong Temple

Batu Niah Tua Pek Kong Temple


Riverfront of Batu Niah Town

Riverfront of Batu Niah Town

Niah River

Batu Niah Town


Batu Niah is located some 110km from Miri City. It has a population of about 32,000.

Batu Niah Town is 3 km before the Batu Niah National Park. From Batu Niah town you can walk to the entrance of the National Park, its about 3 km of paved jungle walk, where you will occasionally stumble upon a hut or two where people live.

Mulu National Park - Need a tour guide
Niah National Park - Can be visited without a tour guide.

To/From Niah Caves: Bas Suria departs from the Miri Express Bus Terminal to Batu Niah town regularly. The journey takes over an hour. From Batu Niah, you can either take a speedboat or walk to the Niah National Park headquarters at Pengkalan Batu.

Bus - There are used to be regular buses from the Miri Bus Station to Batu Niah (and back). The busses are run by Syarikat Bas Suria   (085) 434 317, (disconnected by Telecom) and cost RM10 one-way. But this bus service is no longer available.

There are numerous caves that can be visited within Niah National Park. As a guide is not mandatory you can just roam free within the caves.
There are pathways and signs that show you the way.

1- The biggest and most popular cave is the Great Cave; its entrance is 60mtr high and over 250mtr wide.

2- At the back of the Great Cave there is a passage that leads towards the area called 'Padang'. From there you can walk to the Painted Cave; the second most popular cave at Niah National Park. Here you can find wall paintings that are estimated to be over 1200 years old.

Checklist trip to Niah National Park

1- Head lamp (or torch light)
2- First aid travel kit with personal medicine
3- Tripod for your camera (to make pictures in low light conditions)
4- Mosquito repellent
5- Walking shoes or hiking shoes
6- Poncho (or umbrella)
7- Zip lock bags to keep your spare clothing dry
8- Towel (in dry bag)
9- Bottle of water
10- Gloves
11- Plastic bags to put over your shoes when you are walking through guano (bat poo)


Batu Niah Town

Batu Niah Town

Niah National Park
(Niah Caves)

Selamat Datang Ke Batu Niah

Selamat Datang Ke Batu Niah


Jalan Gua Bulan

Niah National Park
(Niah Cave)


Niah National Park






Batu Niah, JPS Subis, 98150 Subis, Sarawak
085-737 476

Batu Niah Market

Batu Niah Market

Niah Cave Hotel

Jalan Madu

Batu Niah Town Miri District

Batu Niah Town Miri District

Batu Niah Town Miri District


Jalan Gua Besar

Niah Cave Inn

Niah Cave Inn 尼亞大酒店

Niah Cave Hotel


 3 hotels in Batu Niah Bazaar (Town)


Niah Cave Hotel
60 Jalan Pekan Batu Niah, 98000 Batu Niah Bazaar
Tel : (+60)85-737726

Over a cafe in Batu Niah, Simple rooms with common bathroom.

Rm 30
Niah Cave Inn
621, Batu Niah Bazaar
Tel : (+60)85-737333 Fax : (+60)85-737332

The best hotel in Batu Niah.
The economy rooms arenít worth the price, but the standard rooms are decent.

Rm 80
Park View Hotel

Lot 117, New Commercial Centre Batu Niah, 98200 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)85-737021 Fax : (+60)85-737023



Livingstone Methodist Church


Livingstone Methodist Church

Image above : Sungai Niah Bridge

Distance from the above Sungai Naih Bridge to following points:

To Miri 96.5 Km
To Bintulu 115 Km
To Niah Rest Stop (Batu Niah Junction) 100 meters
To Batu Niah Bazaar 11 Km
To Niah National Park 15Km


Niah Accommodation 尼亚住宿

The Iban longhouse village of Rumah Patrick Libau , near the Great Cave, has an informal homestay program.

Read more:

  1 Hotel at Batu Niah Junction
(11 Km to Batu Niah Bazaar/Town)

Miri Airport is 79 km away.

  TTL Motel
Lot 288, Block 20 Niah Land District, Batu Niah Junction, 60th Mile Miri - Bintulu Road, 98007 Bekenu, Malaysia

Surrounded by gardens, TTL Motel is located about 14 km from Batu Niah town centre and 15 km from Niah Cave. It houses an ŗ la carte restaurant and offers complimentary WiFi access.

Each room is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV and an en suite bathroom with shower facilities and toiletries. An electric kettle is available upon request.

Free public parking spaces are available at a nearby location. The motel operates a 24-hour front desk and provides a luggage storage service.




Cheap accommodation, There are chalets for rent here
few people and
no need to go with a guide.


The total trek, with stops last almost 5hours (many steps in the cave) Round trip is probably around 10k.the path to the caves are well-marked. proper signage in the relevant locations.

The cave is fabulous and you can see many spiders, snakes, insect, bats... All along the trail.The walk to the caves was pleasant and we took our time to take in the features of the park, like the limestone outcrops and boulders.



a small museum with a replica of the painted cave - though you can finish viewing the exhibits within 10-20 minutes.


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