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Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul

Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul



There are seven resorts on Mabul Island

Sipadan Water


Mabul Water


Seaventures Dive


Scuba Junkie Mabul Resort

Sipadan Mabul Resort SMART

Borneo Divers Mabul Resort

Sipadan Dive Centre

on Mabul Island

There are also :
6 divers' lodges and
3 homestays
on Mabul Island

“Excellent Accommodation & World Class Diving”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 14 September 2015
The actual hotel is good; by no means a 5 Star resort, but comfortable and very friendly. If you intend to go to this dive centre, you will most likely be spending the majority of your time in the water, so the hotel conditions really don't matter too much anyway!

Mabul island is surrounded by stunning dive and snorkelling sites, all of which are accessible via a short boat trip. The staff are prompt and your safety is their utmost priority. They will assist you with all your gear and ensure you get the best possible experience. The visibility, diverse aquatic life and coral formation is something that all should see.

All the staff at the hotel are friendly, they cook good food and are always smiling. However, there is one man in particular who turns a good sight-seeing trip into a very enjoyable and interesting stay: Andy Szasz.

Andy not only has loads of diving experience, he is always willing to help, chat and teach whoever it may be. He taught my brother and I how to dive, and it was truly great to see how much time and effort he put into helping us, and how much he cared about us. He will certainly ensure that you know everything there is to know about diving before he is finished teaching you! I strongly recommend taking a diving course with him (I doubt there are many better instructors in Malaysia) but you must make sure you get to hear some of his remarkable stories. I know that my whole family; especially my brother and I, were very grateful to have met Andy.

All in all, I would recommend the Sipadan Dive Centre, if you can accept the fact that the hotel is not designed to be a palace. My only complaints would be that there is an upsetting amount of rubbish strewn on the beach, and the fact that the locals burn this rubbish can make for a very unpleasant smell. I do sincerely hope this changes in the future, at this rate we may not have the same stunning reef formations in too short a time! If you do go, make sure to visit Lobster Wall, a breathtaking dive. If you are passing through, make sure to stop by.


Room Tip: The room 1a appears to be the best room, not particularly for the view, but the quality of the beddi...
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Stayed August 2015, travelled with family

“First adventure”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 22 October 2015
We stayed at the Sipadan Mabul resort and can say i was not dissapointed.
The service great, the chalets spacious, and the beach HEAVEN.
Most of all the diving is out of this world ( in a manner of speaking ) The staff and divin intructors were very careful not to let me out of there sight
Food great and bars well great needless to say.
The resort was very well organised and transfers no problems.
Only point is be more prepared next time.

Stayed September 2015, travelled with friends

“Best choice on Mabul Island”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 10 December 2015
I can not say not even one bad word. The staff the food the location everything was just perfect!! Due to low season we had VIP service diving with 3 dive masters and the whole staff was working for our comfort. After walking around the island we found out SDC is the best place to stay. The expensive resorts with triple rate are not worth to pay. We stayed at the orange bungalow with a perfect sea view. The room was basic, but clean and A/C was functioning well. WIFI is available at the dining area when the electricity is on. (it is available from 6pm to 8am + lunch time) it was slow, but enough to give life sign to home.
The diving was amazing. We had 2 dives at Kapalai and 6 at Mabul. Our DM Taufiq was very nice showing us lot of small things what we would not recognize without him. They set all the gears so we just had to enjoy diving.
I would stay here again for sure!

Stayed December 2015, travelled with friends

“1st Seaview Nite in Sabah”
3 of 5 bubblesReviewed 21 December 2015 via mobile
Arrived in Mabul Island after 45 mins of boat ride about 2pm. Both sis n I have waited a lil' while to get our seaview room, then we quickly unpacked n got ready for the most anticipated 1st snorkelling even when we knew about the electricity inconvinence at certain time of the day. As I was having slight fever & bad throat, no choice but had medication in Semporna before boat transfer to Mabul. However, had a lil' disappointed with the underwater scenery since some litter around have spoilt our view but have gotten slighlty better when we moved further away from initial point. Honestly, this was slightly below my expectation, as it was far beyond the beauty of Manukan n Mamutik, Kota Kinabalu. Anyway, The PIC has explained to us that all the snorkelling in Mabul & Kapalai can't be as clear as aquarium view. Guess mostly due 2 sea gypsies who litter in the island surroundings since they have settlements there. After snorkelling, we found out the shower wasn't working well after a few attempts, therefore we opted for tap to shower. Had informed this to the counter lady but unfortunately wasn't been fix. The rest of our days, we were doing the same, living under some kind of inconvenience. Met some day trip folks who only have 2 snorkellings, they have revealed that 1 pax only cost less than a quarter than what we were paying for our 2 pax package. Guess our seaview room did cost us quite a bit. Discounted those lil' dissatisfaction, all those PIC for 4 snorkellings (3 nearby snorkellings in Mabul n 1 30 mins away snorkelling in Kapalai) were terrific. They are all helpful and professional. Bravo to them! Besides, food was good n fresh but slightly salty, maybe this is the taste Sabahan prefers. Well, there are no night life in Mabul, just plain quaintly and peacefully waves sound which is well heard in our room. Occasionally, the staff would be singing around the fire with a guitar, had some groundnuts and chips. Simple life kind of lifestyle is good for a short getaway.

“Definitely at the Budget end of the market, but miles better at this than others on Mabul”
4 of 5 bubblesReviewed 9 April 2016
Really friendly, professional and helpful staff, really cheap rooms compared to others on the island. Dinner was included in the room price, so was breakfast. Basic facilities so don't expect too much, but clean.

Room Tip: Best value on Mabul
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Stayed April 2016, travelled solo

“A fun and interesting experience overall”
4 of 5 bubblesReviewed 14 May 2016
We had a fun and interesting stay at Mabul. The rooms and food were basic but the staff were really accommodating, friendly and helpful

We were disappointed though when we arrived because of the garbage scattered everywhere. But the island itself is beautiful. Just sad to learn that the resort can't do anything about it. They tried cleanup drives before but what they need is to educate the sea gypsies (residents) and tourists as well on how these garbage affect everyone.
Anyway, we're planning to go back next time and help them do an education/cleanup drive :)

On the second day, our group tried diving and snorkeling which is also a must-try. We were assisted by Martin, Sofian and Mike.

On the third day, we checked out early and did an island hopping trip to Tatagan, Bohey Dulang, Mantabuan and Sibuan islands. For us, this is the highlight of our trip and I highly recommend it for everybody to try.

The area is also secured: Police roaming around Mabul, police checkpoint in the middle of the sea, one soldier assigned per two boats, and a headquarters in Sibuan island

Another interesting thing is how the sea gypsies live (Tatagan island). They have no nationality as no country is recognizing them. They're actually the main attraction for the Tatagan island which actually feels weird. People just ask them to do things to get a good picture.

Overall we had fun. Highly recommended and we'll definitely go back.

Stayed May 2016, travelled with friends

“Best Dive trip with Jazz!!”
4 of 5 bubblesReviewed 27 July 2016 via mobile
I booked this through our tour operator Beverly who was extremely helpful in finding this for us! We were 6 friends staying for 1 night 2 days last minute! The food was really tasty and the people were lovely, very accommodating, we had a mix up with a few things and they managed to sort everything for us.

2 of us were padi qualified and our dive instructor was Jazz, he is a great instructor and has a great personality! He made our dives exceptional! We had 3 dives and found GIANT green turtles - we told Jazz what we wanted and he delivered! The dive spots are exceptional!
Stayed July 2016, travelled with friends



Package Accommodation Diver Non-Diver
2 Days / 1 Night Twin Spot Goby Room RM 470 RM 330
2 Days / 1 Night Mandarin Fish Room RM 470 RM 330
2 Days / 1 Night Rainbow Chalet RM 510 RM 370
Package Include:
* Accommodation, buffet served meals (L/D/B), coffee or tea and free flow of drinking water.
* 3 boat dives in Mabul or Kapalai with dive equipment (for certified divers) and snorkeling equipment for non-divers.
* Return boat transfers when exit Semporna

For additional night:
Rainbow Chalet: RM 150 per person per day (exclude scuba diving / snorkeling activities)
Dormitory: RM 90 per person per day (exclude scuba diving / snorkeling activities)

Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul

Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul

Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul (F 816492)No rating
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Address : Seafest Hotel Office,
Lot 5, Jalan Kastam,
91308 Semporna,
Sabah Malaysia
Phone : +60 88 240584
Fax : +60 88 240415
Email :
Website :
Publish Rate: RM370.00 - RM980.00

Once located at the popular dive heaven of Sipadan Island, through conservation and regulation, the Sipadan Dive Centre has now been relocated to the Mabul Island.

Located near the northern end of Mabul Island, and situated right in front of a patchy white sandy beach, this is where the chalets of the new Sipadan Dive Centre.

A dive station with full diving equipment is located next to the dinning hall building.
Apart from scuba diving, Mabul island also provides great fun for the snorkellers.

Sites like House Reef, Eel Garden, Lobster Lair, Ray Point, and Paradise Two are going to keep snorkellers, beginners or seasonal, busy for a day or two.

A stroll along the villages also allows one to have an insight on the life at Mabul Island. The livelihood of the villagers are mainly fishing.

Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul

Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul also has a nice hut built right at the edge of the beach. It is a great place for the guests to relax and savor the sunset view in the late afternoon.

The garden around the premises is always kept clean and neat.


Rainbow Chalets Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul

Rainbow Chalets
Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul

Two rows of seven units new beach front chalets were built with wooden stilt structures.

Each chalets has 2 single beds (twin sharing). The Red Chalet, has double bed. Every chalet comes with an air-conditioner, and an attached bathroom with hot shower.

The front row has four chalets, with bright primary colors like red, green, orange and yellow. All the front row chalets have twin sharing beds, except the red chalet which comes with a king size bed.
The balconies of the front row chalets provide a wonderful view of the beach and sea.

While another three chalets at the back of the front row were painted blue, gray, and maroon.

The blue and maroon chalets offer triple beds, and the gray chalet has a twin sharing bed.
The balconies at the second row chalet can still afford a good view of the beach and sea as the balconies lie between the gap of the chalets in front.

Dormitories Twin Spot Goby Rooms and Mandarin Fish Rooms

Twin Spot Goby Rooms and Mandarin Fish Rooms

Dormitories - Twin Spot Goby Room and Mandarin Fish Room, are also available at Sipadan Dive Centre Mabul.

These rooms are situated at the main building. The Dormitories have a total of four rooms, each room can accommodate three persons. Every one of these rooms has a fan. Guests will have to use the share common toilets and bathrooms without hot water showers.

The reception office is also located at the main building. Sipadan Dive Centre offers diving trips on the surrounding islands like Kapalai, Siamin, and Mantabuan.

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