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There are seven resorts on Mabul Island

Sipadan Water


Mabul Water


Sipadan Mabul Resort SMART

Borneo Divers Mabul Resort

Seaventures Dive


Scuba Junkie Mabul Resort

Sipadan Dive Centre

on Mabul Island

There are also :
6 divers' lodges and 3 homestays
on Mabul Island

SWV Travels and Tours Sdn Bhd
(Co.No-380790-U) - KKKP 3145

Lot FLT. 05 (land side),  1st Floor, Tawau Airport,
P.O.Box No: 62156, 91031 Tawau,  Sabah, Malaysia.
 Tel: 60-89-950023    Fax:60-89-950023


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Sipadan Water Village Resort Sdn. Bhd. (280549-M)
P.O. Box No. 62156, 91031 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.

Sipadan Water Village Resort Office:
TB226, Lot 3,1st Floor, Wisma MAA,  Town Ext.2,Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.
 Tel: 60-89-752996,  751777,  755011   Fax: 60-89-752997




Sipadan Water Village ResortSipadan Water Village ResortSipadan Water Village Resort

Sipadan Water Village Resort

Sipadan Water Village Resort
on Mabul Island

Sipadan Water Village Resort
email: or
Tel No : 60-89-751777
Fax No : 60-89-752997

SWV Travels and Tours Sdn Bhd
(Co.No-380790-U) - KKKP 3145

Lot FLT. 05 (land side),
1st Floor, Tawau Airport,
P.O.Box No: 62156, 91031 Tawau,
Sabah, Malaysia.
 Tel: 60-89-950023

Web Site: my
Sipadan Water Village Resort Sdn. Bhd. (280549-M)
P.O. Box No. 62156, 91031 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.
Sipadan Water Village Resort Office:
TB226, Lot 3,1st Floor, Wisma MAA,
Town Ext.2,Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.
 Tel: 60-89-752996, 751777, 755011 Fax: 60-89-752997


info@panborneo. corn
swv@ travel-masters. net
No. of rooms/chalets/suites: 45
Tel: (+6089) 75 2996
Fax: (+6089) 75 2997

Room Facilities
Fan - Hairdryer - Tea, Coffee Making facilities - Private shower with hot and cold water - Mini Bar
Hotel Services
Airport Transfer - Babysitting - Resort Medical Services - Dive Centre - Excursions - Foreign Currency Exchange - Mini-mart
Restaurant & Bar Lounge
Credit Cards Accepted
American Express - MasterCard - Visa


Sipadan-Mabul Resort Sipadan-Mabul Resort Sipadan-Mabul Resort Sipadan-Mabul Resort
Despite what the name suggests, Sipadan Water Village is NOT in Sipadan but on the nearby island of Mabul, on the east coast of Sabah. In fact, by the end of 2004, resorts are not allowed operate on Sipadan Island and those who wish to dive there have to find alternative accommodation in the neighboring islands. It is called a "water village" simply because of the fact that the entire resort is built in pilings and connects to the shore by a long pier.

Sipadan Water Village (SWV) is located on the north eastern side of Mabul Island, a mere 20 minute boat ride from the famed Sipadan Island. Built on stilts SWV prides itself on its level of service, dive sites and dedication to the environment. At present, SWV has 45 "Bajau" styled water cottages, built 1m above the sea. These cottages are laid out in a manner which minimizes damage to the existing coral reefs i.e. if there is coral there, they don't build on top of it.

The Chalet
Sipadan Water Village Resort 45 water cottages are beautifully constructed with Bajau architectural designed built to pamper both divers and non-divers alike in all the trappings of luxury on a tropical island. The cottages are generously spacious with wide sliding doors that open to the room's private deck. All room amenities include twin / double or triple beds, private balcony offering sea or island view, tea / coffee maker, private bathroom and toiletries, hair dryer, hot / cold showers, ceiling fan, mini bar, settees, dressing table / chair, wooden wardrobe, electrical light and power point (220-240v). Deluxe Cottages come with one king size bed and private bathtub while the Grand Deluxe Cottages are built complete with private Wilton Residential Spa pool and two queen size beds.

The name has confused fooled many. Sipadan Water Village Resort is not on Sipadan Island but on Mabul Island.

Most tourists find Sabah and Sarawak are more hospitable. Government officers, services staff were incredibly friendly and visitors are welcomed with a smile every time. But some local tourists and from certain countries complain not getting that same standard of welcome because they do not look smart and presentable like other tourists.

Every resort on Mabul Island has a dive centre.
Divers are usually assigned to room No: Mabul 101 to Mabul 110 because the rooms are close to dive centre.

The dive school is up to standard with professional team running it. But for those professionals looking for high class and sophisticate sea venture then the resorts on Mabul Island are not ready for you.

Dive operations on Sipidan are very well run (otherwise they get their operation licences being cancelled by the authority). The dive masters are friendly and knowledgeable. Divers find our dive masters helpful and feel at home. Though some impassion divers may not find the same.

On a less divers day, you may lucky enough to get daily permits to go to Sipadan. But this is rare case and do not expect for it.

Self-dives are free at the resort which has a lot new things to see for a young diver.


Get transport confirmation from the resort before arrival and you will have no problems with airport transfers. Pickup van will be waiting outside arrival hall of Tawau Airport.
The minivan drive you to the jetty at Semporna Town. And from here the resort speed boat bring you the final part of your long journey.

It depend who is the chief cook on that day, otherwise food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is good and varied.  Do not expect gourmet of a 5 stars.

Some was not enough variety in the offerings at lunch and dinner. We love trying local food and are certainly open to trying new dishes, but we often found ourselves struggling to find even one dish on the buffet that we wished to eat. French fries and baked beans for breakfast.

Be puncture or else supply of food is not ample and cold. For Chinese tourists, learn to queue for food even when the supply is not ample. This is not China.

You can have you own foods specially cooked for you. Fishermen of Mabul Island come around to the resorts each day  selling fresh seafood they caught directly from the sea. The resort cooks are quite happy to cook for you at a small fees and even help you to select the what seafood to buy.


All rooms has a nice balcony area out onto the clear blue ocean

Rooms are large, clean and tidy though some units may look old and poorly maintained. But they have nice units reserved for local VIP. You may get it if not occupied.

Rooms are big and the space make you comfortable. But the facilities may not.

Many of the air conditioners on Mabul Island do not work in perfect condition. (So as those air conditioners of budget hotels on the mainland). Air conditioner was designed for air-tide concrete building. For wooden village house like this with air escape gaps openings on under doors, ceilings and floors - this another explanation why air conditioners unable to speed up the temperature you feel comfortable.

This resort itself is already 10 years old, naturally, after these so many years by the eroding sea water, many furnishings are in sad disrepair and need renovation.

Shower in some bathrooms leak and the bathroom floor was constantly wet and slippery.

Most rooms in Malaysia use cheap local manufactured doorknobs that do not work perfectly after a few years. For example, for a family, do not be panic when your child get stuck unable to open from inside the washroom and only an adult has the muscle strong enough to turn open the stiffed doorknob.

Remember this is only a water village on an isolated small island far from material supply and human services. Everything has to be brought in by small boats. This makes maintenance and renovation difficult.

The situation in other resorts such Uncle Chang is also the same on bathrooms and Air conditioners.

Remember you come to the island for the natural deep blue sea not for the human constructed bathrooms. You come her for the natural cool ocean breeze not for the artificial human made air-conditioners.


Fresh water is precious in the sea. During dry seasons rain-water reservoirs ran dry. Guests may have to shower in water with salty taste.

All resorts on Mabul are the same. Their tap water are a mixed with seawater so they are slightly salty. Acceptable as long as not stinky feeling on your skin


The China made or locally assembled low cost heaters may not have the same mechanism of  your home country. You may need some patient to get adjusted to local standard.

The resort's diving package included diving on Sipadan Island which is just a short speed boat distance.
But the number of trip to Sipadan depend on how busy the resort is.
When the resort is full divers are limited to just one day with the rest of your dive days comprised of diving around the nearby lest interesting islands.

Sipadan Water Village Resort has their own dive site at the resort. The dive site at resort "Paradise2" is very interested especially friendly turtle and nemo fish.

Most Mabul's resorts have their own house reefs. These house reefs  sometimes is teeming with life of coral gardens, plenty of critters and large fish.

Visitors can see large green turtles even from the hotel rooms.

Mabul and Sipadan Island may be like a paradise to the tourists, Mabul Island is like a detention camp for hundreds of stateless people living in poverty.
Keep your room securely looked and do not leave valuable things inside the room. Occasionally small thefts from nearby slum area broke in to  guest rooms.

Like the rest of the world, Malaysian are now living a Mobil phone era. Room telephones is now being phasing out. So do not look for a room telephone anymore. But some resorts still keep these as  bonus for guests.

Spacey public area where you can sit and social around. This is also the dinning area where you take the three meals. No AC in public areas but they were airy and fans were running.

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