The Hot Springs of Tawau Hills Park :

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  Spring Number 1

Sulphurous Spring #1 is beneath a mass solidified rock with a few trees grow on a thin layer of soil on top.

There are 10 more Sulphurous Springs further up the stream along the river bank in a smaller scale.

Spring #1

Crystal Clear Minerals Water

Under this mass body of solidified rock are couple of spring heads.

Spring water from the sulphurous spring is crystal clear and cyan in color due to the minerals.

The spring water is cool, not even lukewarm.

volcanic sulphur spring

  Volcanic Sulphur Spring

'White' stream from the volcanic sulphur spring. The white color is the result of sulphur deposited on the stones and in river bed for long period of time.

Sulphur mineral from the spring water sulphur-coated boulders and stones in the stream into white color.

This spring is unspoiled in its natural beauty.


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