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Where to eat in Tawau? What to eat in Tawau?
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What to eat in Tawau :

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Sayur Campur



Udang Kari
Curry Prawn


Asam laksa

Noodles Chilli Soup

Noodles cooked in a soup with fish, turmeric, lemongrass and tamarind juice.

Gado-gado - Indonesian salad win peanut sauce.

Indonesian salad

Mixture of vegetables, crackers and rice with peanut flavoured sauce. There are sweet Gado-gado and salty Gado=dado


Sate or Satay - skewered barbecued meat with peanut sauce.
Tender pieces of chicken, beef or lamb, skewered on sticks and gently barbecued over a charcoal fire. Slices of cucumber and onion, and a delicious peanut sauce to accompany. If you try just one Malaysian dish in Tawau, make it satay

Soto (Sroto or Coto)

Soup of chicken or beef. Soto usually yellow in color because turmeric is one of the ingredients. This Jakarta style Soto uses coconut milk.

Nasi Kuning

Rice cooked with coconut milk and tumeric

Nasi Goreng

Fried Rice stir-fried with eggs, chicken/beef/shrimp, assorted vegetables. The rice is made brown with thick and sweet soy sauce (kecap manis).

Mee Goreng

Fried Noodles with eggs and chicken, beef or seafood, with assorted vegetables such as thinly sliced carrots, (bok choi) or chinese cabbage.

Kambing Panggang

Rosted Fish Ikan Bakar
Grilled fish

Ikan Goreng
Roti Canai

Malay Omelet

Grilled Chicken Wings


Ikan Goreng


Malay Restaurants

Nasi Kuning - Tawau Local Cuisine

"Nasi Kuning" or yellow rice is an Indonesian specialty that cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia except Tawau.

The rice is cooked with coconut milk and turmeric (known as kunyit in Malay) , hence the name nasi kuning (yellow rice). It is usually served with more variety of side dishes.

It is usually served with a piece of fish deep-fried in dried chili sauce. This can be found in almost any Malay restaurants or stalls around Tawau but sometimes also sold in some Chinese coffee shops. To further enhance the taste, the rice is usually wrapped in banana leaves.  Nasi Kuning is usually eaten during special event.

Price ranges from RM 3.00 to RM 5.00 per serving.


Chunks of beef stewed in coconut milk and chilli gravy.

Isi Ikan dan
Sos Mangga

Sayur Kailan


Fish Curry
Fish curry

Malay/Indonesian  Foods <Chinese Version>

Malay Food 

At night, numerous stalls set up around the town. Many sell the Sulawesi Soto Makassar (buffalo soup), a Bugis specialty; Pisang Goreng (fried bananas), Ubi Goreng (fried tapioca), Onde-onde (glutinous rice with savoury taste roasted in banana leaves), Kuih Pandan (Pandan rice cake), Karipap (Curry Puff), Kuih kacang (Peanut pancake spread with Kaya coconut jam), Bubur Chaca(local dessert served with tapioca, sweet potato and sago in sweet coconut milk) & etc.

The traditional Malay culinary style has been greatly influenced by the long-ago traders from neighboring countries, such as India, the Middle East, China and Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java.

Rice is staple food, which acts as a "neutralizer" for the spicy cuisine. For religious reasons, pork is never used in Malay and Indonesian cuisine.

Malay food is spicy and flavorful as it utilizes a melting pot of spices and herbs.

Two famous Malay breakfast specials that you will enjoy are roti canai and nasi lemak. Roti canal is a round, flat bread made from wheat flour and is cooked on a hot plate. It is usually eaten with lentil or meat curry.

Nasi lemak is rice cooked in coconut milk. It is served with ikan bills (anchovies), samba! (chilli paste), boiled egg, fried peanuts and slices of cucumber.

Popular Malay lunch and dinner dishes include nasi kandar and mee goreng. The former is famous in Penang, but can be found nationwide. It is fragrant rice, served with fish or meat curry and a variety of gravy. The latter is a popular noodle dish that is usually served with meat and vegetables. Nasi dagang consists of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk. It is usually served with fish curry, sambal and cucumber pickle.

Nasi goreng, which is Malay-style fried rice, is a wholesome dish that includes diced meat, vegetables and a fried egg. For variety, try nasi campur, which literally means 'mixed rice'. You will be served with a plate of white rice and a selection of dishes laid out buffet-style which includes meat, seafood and vegetables.

Nasi Lemak : Coconut-flavored Rice Meal
Beef Rendang : Malay Spiced Coconut Beef

Sambal Udang : Spicy Prawns
Ayam Masak Merah : Red-Cooked Chicken
Mee Jawa : Indonesian style Noodles
Ikan Pari Bakar : BBQ Stingray or Skate Wings
Sambal Sotong : Spicy Squid
Telur Belada : 'Chili-ed' Eggs
Sup Kambing : Mutton Soup
Sayur Lodeh : Coconut Vegetable Stew
Chicken Curry : or Kari Ayam in Malay
Kuih Pandan - Pandan rice cakes
Pisang Goreng - Banana fritters
Sulawesi Soto Makassar - Buffalo soup
Ubi Goreng - Tapioca fritters

pandan leaves [screwpine leaves]
Sambal Ikan Bilis - fried dried anchovies
Ketupat, a Malay rice cake similar to Lontong,
Belacan [also spelt belachan or blacan], a dried shrimp paste



ABC of Malaysia  - the MALAY ICE DRINK

Air Batu Campur ( ABC), is a mound of shaved ice, sweetened with sugar syrup, enveloping jelly cubes, sweet corn and red beans. ABC makes a refreshing end to a filling meal in Tawau hot climate.

1) Hawker stalls   2) Coffee house or cafe   3)  Restaurants

Some popular Indonesian dishes available in Tawau

  • Ayam Taliwang originated from Nusa Tenggara (east of Bali), chicken cooked in various spicy herbs and seasoning.
  • Bakwan Malang (meatball noodle soup with fried wontons from city of Malang)
  • Buntut (Ox-tail) served in clear soup or roasted alone then served with barbecue sauce.
  • Gudeg (raw jackfruit that cooked in a javanese traditional way that originated from Yogyakarta)
  • Gulai (Indonesian curry) characterised with yellow colour from turmeric and coconut milk.
  • Karedok(raw vegetables served with peanut sauce from West Java
  • Ketoprak (almost the same with Eastern Java's gado-gado but with saltier taste. A popular dish from Western Java The main difference from Gado gado is that this food using bihun, a thin rice noodle)
  • Nasi Campur or Nasi Rames (Mixed Rice) rice with assorted vegetables and meat of choice.
  • Nasi Padang (originated from Padang where most of the food involved coconut milk and heavy taste of chili. very wide selection of side dish)
  • Nasi Pecel Rice served with cooked vegetables and peanut sauce. The vegetables are usually kangkung or water spinach, long beans, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, and in East Java often used kembang turi. Taste best when eaten with fried tempeh and traditional cracker. Popular in East and Central Java.
  • Nasi Rawon Rice served with dark beef soup, originally from East Java. The dark color comes from the meaty seeds of kluwak nuts. Usually served with uncooked mung bean sprouts and salty duck eggs.
  • Nasi Uduk Indonesian version of Nasi Lemak.
  • Opor Ayam chicken cooked in coconut milk. Traditionally consumed with Ketupat during the Iedul Fitri celebration in most region of Indonesia.
  • Pecel (a mixture of vegetables and traditional cracker with spicy peanut paste. Madiun and Blitar in East Java is popular for their pecel)
  • Rawon (a soup of beef. The colour is usually black due to "kluwek" used as the spice)
  • Sayur Asem (Sour Dish/Tamarind Dish) clear soup with assorted vegetables such as: (melinjo) or gnetum gnemon, melinjo leaves, sweet corn (still on the cobs), young papaya, peanuts, and tamarind.
  • Sayur Lodeh (Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Stew)
  • Krengsengan (mutton sautee with sweet soy sauce aka kecap manis and petis udang, the Indonesian traslation for Black Shrimp Paste)
  • Babi Guling (Balinese-style roast pig
  • Betutu Traditional Balinese dishes made from chicken or duck and usually has spicy tastes.
  • Lawar A traditional Balinese accompanying cuisine for rice and other Balinese cuisine which consists of shredded unripe jackfruit, a liberal amount of pork skin bits and mashed with a plethora of herbs.