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An Endemic Damselfly of Borneo

Vestalis atropha Lieftinck, 1965
atropha Lieftinck, 1965
Endemic of Northern Borneo

Identification Guide to female Vestalis amoena
Family: Calopterygidae
Vestalis atropha
An Endemic Damselfly of Borneo

Identification Guide to ♂ Vestalis amoena
Identification Guide to
Vestalis atropha
Common on Borneo forest streams
body length = 50mm
hind wing = 35mm


Ovipositor of a female Vestalis atropha
Ovipositor of a female Vestalis atropha

Segment 10 : Anal appendage and Paraproct
Segment 8 and 9 : Ovipositor of a female damselfly consists of :
Ovipositor :
2- Basal plate (Lam)

Slender and fairly large with long thin legs. Head and body are mainly metallic- green. No pterostigma on the wings

This male Vestalis atropha size measurement :
Whole body length = 60mm
Front wing length = 36mm

Rounded seminal vesicle (end of segment 2) fully stored with sperms ready to mate.

Seminal Vesicle is the bulblike structure at the end of segment two of a male for storing sperm. Before mating, all male odonates translocate sperm from the testes (segment 9) to this penis at segment 2 and stored in the seminal vesicles.

Compare with V. amoena and V. amethystina, the inferior anal appendages of this Vestalis atropha are withered and thin.

Superior anal appendage curved inward and terminally expanded.
The inferior anal appendages (the lower pair of appendages) of Vestalis atropha are so shot and thin that could not be seen from top.

Here are index to damselflies sorted according to colour for our quick identification:

1- GREEN damselflies of Sabah, Borneo
2- BLUE damselflies
3- RED damselflies
4- ORANGE damselflies

Out of the global 10 families of damselflies, the following 7 families  are found in Borneo Island :

01- Family Calopterygidae 色蟌科
02- Family Chlorocyphidae 鼻蟌科
03- Family Coenagrionidae 細蟌科
04- Family Euphaeidae 溪蟌科
05- Family Lestidae 絲蟌科
06- Family Platycnemididae  琵蟌科/扇蟌科
07- Family Protoneuridae 原蟌科


HEAD of Damselflies

Damselfly head include :
1- compound eyes,
2- ocelli,
3- antennae,
4- mouth structures

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