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Green Damselflies in Sabah

Neurobasis longipes 婆羅洲華豔色蟌
Neurobasis longipes 婆羅洲華豔色蟌

Vestalis amaryllis

Both Male and Female are green

Vestalis atropha

Both Male and Female are green.  This Family Calopterygidae of damselfly in both sexes  are mainly metallic- green in the body.

Libellago semiopaca FEMALE
Libellago semiopaca

Both Male and Female are green

Agriocnemis femina Juvenile
Agriocnemis femina

Juvenile male and matured female are greenish.
Young female is red


Agriocnemis pygmaea MALE
Agriocnemis pygmaea

Male and female arefreenish

Pseudagrion pilidorsum 弓背細蟌

Female is greenish while the male is red.

Here are index to damselflies sorted according to colour for our quick identification:

1- GREEN damselflies of Sabah, Borneo
2- BLUE damselflies
3- RED damselflies
4- ORANGE damselflies

Out of the global 10 families of damselflies, the following 6 families  are found in Borneo Island :

1- Family Calopterygidae 色蟌科
2- Family Chlorocyphidae 鼻蟌科
3- Family Coenagrionidae 細蟌科
4- Family Euphaeidae 溪蟌科
5- Family Lestidae 絲蟌科
6- Family Protoneuridae 原蟌科


A Guide to Common Spiders in BORNEO ISLAND

HEAD of Damselflies

Damselfly head include :
1- compound eyes,
2- ocelli,
3- antennae,
4- mouth structures

Common dragonflies in Borneo Island
Dragonflies of Borneo

"With 275 named species so far recorded in Borneo, the island has one of the richest and most exciting dragonfly faunas in the world. More than 40% of species occur nowhere else, making it the most distinctive sub-region of Sundaland." A Guide to the Dragonflies of Borneo by Albert G. Orr


Ficus subgelderi 淡金榕
Fig trees of Sabah

Borneo has 150 species of wild fig trees. Most of them are found in forests of Sabah.

Tiger Prawn Farms in Tawau
Tiger Prawn Farms in Tawau

Prawn farming is a main commercial activities in Tawau. Spawners from Tawau are graded the best in Malaysia. For decades, Tawau has been exporting high-grade tiger prawns to several countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Egypt and Australia.

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Damselflies of Borneo