Neurothemis terminata

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Found in Asia: China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia
Genus : Neurothemis Super-Family: LIBELLULOIDEA Family: LIBELLULIDAE

Neurothemis terminata



Neurothemis terminata


Neurothemis ramburii


Neurothemis fluctuans
Male : Bright Red
Female : 1- Clear Wings and 2- Dark Wings
Male : Bright Red
Female : 1- Clear Wings and 2- Dark Wings
Male : Dark Red
Female : Clear Wings

Neurothemis terminata male
Neurothemis terminata
Matured 43mm

Neurothemis ramburii MALE

Neurothemis ramburii MALE

Neurothemis fluctuans Matured Male
Neurothemis fluctuans
Matured Male 31mm

Neurothemis terminata
FEMALE has two different type:
Type 1 - Clear Wings

Type 2 - Dark Wings

Neurothemis ramburii FEMALE has two different type:
Type 1 - Clear Wings

Type 2 - Dark Wings

Female Neurothemis ramburii

Female Only 1 type
Clear Wings



Wings of male Neurothemis ramburii

Matured Male 41mm
2016-09-19 GEMOK
Wings of male Neurothemis ramburii
Juvenile Male 38mm
2016-09-17 SG IMAM

Neurothemis terminata  Female 35mm
Female 35mm
2016-02-29 BUKIT GEMOK

Wings of Neurothemis ramburii
Juvenile Female 37mm
2016-02-25 VOCATIONAL

Neurothemis terminata
Type #1
Type #2

Neurothemis terminata Female
Female ♀35mm
Type 1 Clear Wings
2016-02-29 BUKIT GEMOK


Comparison of 4 old female of Neurothemis terminata

 Compare a teneral male Neurothemis terminata and a matured male Neurothemis terminata

The wings of a teneral is chocolate color as it grew older its color gradually darken to blood red

Males of Neurothemis species are obvious of their extensively pigmented red-brown wings with very dense reticulation.

Wings of a teneral male Neurothemis terminata

Detail of Pterostigme, Nodus, Triangles and Anal Loop of this young dragonfly of Sabah, Malaysia

Size of a male Neurothemis terminata

Wing span = 66mm
Body length = 41mm
Hind wing = 30mm
Abdomen = 27mm

Easily confused are these 2 species  N.  fluctuans and N. terminata. Both species share the same swamp.

See detail in female N. terminata...

Teneral Wings of  Neurothemis terminata

Wings of a teneral (freshly emerged) male Neurothemis terminata terminata (Ris, 1911)

When teneral, the wing of a male Neurothemis terminate is chocolate color with yellow pterostigma. These wings matured into dark red with red pterostigma.

A common red dragonflies in Sabah. Sees often in drains, ditches and ponds.

There are 3 species of Neurothemis whose males have dark red wings with clear (hyaline) areas at the wing tips.

Females N. terminata  have 2 wing type : The common one have clear wings and the rear one with dark wing.

The 3 species are quite similar in appearance and difficult to identify in the field.

N. terminata is common on Borneo, most of Indonesia, the Philippines but not commonly found in Peninsular Malaysia.

To identify : Identify by the small hyaline area at the tips of wings. The hyaline margins are at 90 degree to the wings axis.

Neurothemis terminata is a common species in Borneo.  Even if one see one,  it could be easily mistaken as Neurothemis fluctuans (Fabricius, 1793)  or Neurothemis fulvia (Drury, 1773) which are common in Malaysia.

Only 2 male around the drain when I first saw them on 20th January 2007. No female was seen.   Neurothemis terminata is a timid species. A slice movement of grasses caused by wind is enough to scare it to fly away to another grass.  But they never fly further than a few meters.
This close up took many efforts as Neurothemis are very timid dragonflies that can be scare easily even by a leave movement cause by wind.

The drain where Neurothemis terminata emerge and oviposit



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