Rhinocypha humeralis

Found in Indonesia, Philippines and Borneo

  • Kingdom: Animalia - animals
    • Phylum: Arthropoda - arthropods
      • Class: Insecta - insects
        • Order: Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
          • Family: Chlorocyphidae
            • Genus: Rhinocypha
              • Species: humeralis (Selys, 1873)
                • Scientific Name: Rhinocypha humeralis (Selys, 1873)


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Elattoneura coomansi
Endemic of Borneo

Euphaea impar Rhinocypha humeralis Rhinocypha aurofulgens

R. humeralis  is common on small rocky streams in lowland forest.

You will find this species common in the forest streams of National Parks in Sabah but not else where in developed area.

The male abdomen is black above with a string of bright blue streaks along the side.

Both wings are darkly marked at last half but lack strong reflective patches like those in  Euphaea subcostalis

During territorial disputes the abdomen is held straight, even slightly depressed, but the protagonists often sway from side to side, perhaps displaying the lateral marks. The forewings are held well forward in an aggressive 'stationary-wing display'.

The legs of the male are white and are displayed in courtship.

The female is quite strongly marked and both wings are dark at the tip. Females often lay their eggs in mossy lwood above water with the male in close attendance.

The larvae are found in leaf packs.

Illustration : Posterior abdominal segments of a female Rhinocypha humeralis of Sabah, Malaysia.

Illustrating the part of Cercus, Stylus, Ovipositor and Basal plate in segment 8, 9 and 10 of a damselfly

A pair of Rhinocypha humeralis copulating in a forest reserve in Sabah, Malaysia.

We can easily see both male and female Rhinocypha humeralis as they like to perch on bright sunny spots on tips of fern plants. But suddenly out of sight when they copulate because they descent to shadow dark corner below the vegetation.

This pair of Rhinocypha humeralis in the photo is only two feet above slow running stream water...


A mature male Rhinocypha humeralis. Length: 3cm

See detail in photos...


A young mature female  Rhinocypha humeralis See detail in photos...

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