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Lestes praemorsus Kirby, 1893 隱紋絲蟌
Lestes praemorsus Kirby, 1893 隱紋絲蟌
Found in Asia: Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand

A male Lestes praemorsus
A male Lestes praemorsus decipiens Perching with wings half open, a physically unique from normal damselflies.
Though geographically wide spread in tropical Asia but quantity very few to find. Making it more difficult to see is its habit of perching vertically while other damselflies are more easily seen standing horizontal

Lestes praemorsus decipiens have a hockey-stick-shape abdomen. They like dandling with their long thin hockey abdomens.
Common in lowland swamps and drains especially disturbed habit age. Perches with wings half open. Wide spread in tropical Asia.
Geographically wild spread in tropical Asia but quantity very few

Lestes praemorsus decipiens are wearing a layer of thick short fur covering the whole body from head, thorax to abdomen like those warm blooded animals. Other damselflies are having a layer of plastic-like smooth skin with sharp long hairs.

Male Lestes praemorsus decipiens.
Last 3 sections (section 8, 9, 10) of the abdomen. The abdomen, as well as head and thorax, is covered with a layer of thick short fur. This outlook gives Lestes praemorsus decipiens a soft and warm feeling to the eyes which is different with the smooth and shinning look of other damselflies and dragonflies.

Body length 42-46mm, male has blue eyes, Chest purple with blue spots, abdomen slender,

Male and female look similar but the female abdomen is thicker.
Found in low-lying paddy fields, ponds and other still waters,

英文名:Scalloped Spreadwing
學名:Lestes praemorsus decipiens (Kirby, 1893)


複眼藍色 胸部有黑色斑點
胸部覆有藍灰色粉末 腹部第1、9、10節覆有藍灰色粉末


Here are index to damselflies sorted according to colour for our quick identification:

1- GREEN damselflies of Sabah, Borneo
2- BLUE damselflies
3- RED damselflies
4- ORANGE damselflies

Out of the global 10 families of damselflies, the following 6 families  are found in Borneo Island :

01- Family Calopterygidae 色蟌科
02- Family Chlorocyphidae 鼻蟌科
03- Family Coenagrionidae 細蟌科
04- Family Euphaeidae 溪蟌科
05- Family Lestidae 絲蟌科
06- Family Protoneuridae 原蟌科


HEAD of Damselflies

Damselfly head include :
1- compound eyes,
2- ocelli,
3- antennae,
4- mouth structures

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